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Jannora Lauderdale, M.Ed & Author

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My name is Jannora Lauderdale, a first-time author with a passion for mathematics. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics (Actuarial) and a Master of Arts in Curriculum & Instruction.

I have been an educator for 34 years.

Some of my most significant accomplishments have been moving up the ladder teaching the craft of mathematics. Embracing achievements in becoming an Assistant Principal, Principal, and the achievement of owning a charter school and becoming a Superintendent of a School. My obsession with math is to give children (people) the essential resources of becoming successful.


The Mysterious Math Cave is designed to engage children at an early age in the field of Mathematics involving critical thinking skills. 

This year, the Rhombus Sisters are visiting a small magical island called Take Away Island where the only Mysterious Math Cave dwells. The sisters plan on solving the math riddles to win the prizes. However, there are other mysteries that await in the Mysterious Math Cave. Do you want to take an adventure with the Rhombus Sisters? Will the Rhombus sister be trapped in the virtual world of PI or captured by the Math Symbol Zombies? Do you wonder what is really waiting in the Mysterious Math Cave? 


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